With the days getting longer and  warmer, summertime is just around the corner. When school is out, it can be tempting to view this time as an opportunity to take a break from everything. However, from a therapy perspective, we find summer Speech Therapy to be an ideal time to get the most out of sessions. With play based therapy, there is no reason why summer Speech Therapy can’t be part of a fun summertime routine! Here are 8 reasons why summertime is a great time to invest in learning and speech and language development for both kids, and parents.

1. More time

This might be stating the obvious, but with kids out of school, there are more hours available in the day to be filled. This may allow for greater ease in both attending appointments but also practicing new skills at home.

2. Less tired

After a long day at school it is sometimes challenging to fit in that one last bit of learning. During the summer months, your child can focus on therapy without the fatigue of a long day.

3. New experiences

With better weather we get out and about more. This leads to new experiences and learning opportunities that can incorporate therapy goals to enhance progress and development. For example: a trip to the zoo to work on expanding vocabulary or planning a picnic to practice prepositions, organization skills, or category development.

4. Routines

Summer can sometimes feel like organized (or less organized) chaos. Having scheduled weekly routines can help to maintain a sense of structure for children. This structure can give children a sense of predictability and control over their environment.

5. Ready for school

With a new school year, comes a new grade and a new set of skills to go with it. Summer can be a great time to “catch up” on speech or language skills that might need a bit of support in time for the new school year. This will allow your child to go into the next year with confidence.

6. Scheduling flexibility

We are often limited, during the school year, to hours that fit outside of the school day. For some children this is no problem, but for others it can be more challenging. Have you noticed that your child functions best in the morning rather than the afternoon or evening? If so, why not take advantage of the availability of morning appointments in the summer without your child missing any class time.

7. Better weather

Another obvious one, but summertime = no freezing rain, snowy roads, or slippery conditions. In the winter, we are often at the mercy of Mother Nature. During the summer months we can keep consistent appointments and have the confidence that driving conditions will be more predictable. In addition, did you know that better weather could have a positive effect on our emotions? The better you feel, the more ready you are to learn.

8. Planning for the future

Finally, once school gets started, and as the year comes to an end there is often an influx of adults and children seeking services. This could mean that you don’t get your first choice in appointment time. Avoid this problem by getting assessed early to create a long-term plan that works for you and your family. Once you have begun intervention, you can book the weekly appointment time that works best for you in advance.

Remember, Speech and Language Therapy is designed to be a positive experience. If you have any questions about the therapy process, or how your needs can best be met, don’t hesitate to contact your friendly local Speech Language Pathologist at 519-787-4100.