Custom Orthotics in Fergus Ontario

Who Benefits from Custom Orthotics?

If you suffer from  lower extremity pain, you may be a good candidate.  When foot mechanics are not working properly, they can alter weight distribution and overall biomechanics (the way you walk), which places increased stress on the joints.  Over time, the added stress can cause inflammation in the joints and muscles, which translates in to pain with movement.

Custom Orthotics – Not Just for Foot Pain

Poor foot mechanics not only affect the feet, but can also impact all attached structures.  A person will compensate for pain in their feet by making small adjustments to their walking patterns.  This can cause a chain reaction from the feet upward, altering posture and placing extra stress on the joints, inevitably causing more distant pain.

Abnormal Gait
Achilles Tendonitis
Joint Pain: ankles, knees, hips, low back
Heel Spurs
Localized foot pain: arch or heel
Plantar Fascitis
Dr. Phil LemireChiropractor

How Custom Orthotics Help

Orthotics are medical devices that help re-align the feet, correcting biomechanics and weight distribution, thereby removing excess strain on weight bearing joints.  Custom orthotics are comfortable inserts in the shoes, capable of relieving pain associated to poor biomechanics.

Getting Custom Orthotics in Fergus

At Optimum, you will be fitted with orthotics that are specific to your needs.  For one fee, you will receive:

  • A full biomechanical and gait assessment
  • A diagnosis of your presenting problems
  • A discussion as to whether you are a good candidate for orthotics
  • An orthotic prescription
  • A cast of your foot impression to be used as a mold
  • A fitting and re-assessment
 Custom Orthotics are covered by many insurance plans–check with your insurance provider to find out how to qualify.