Foot Care Clinic, Fergus Ontario

Feet are one of the most often neglected parts of the body. Proper foot care is important at every age and stage of life, but is of particular importance to seniors and those with diabetes. Advanced foot care nurses are trained to assess the feet, and provide treatment to conditions such as corns, calluses, bunions, and fungal nails. Advanced foot care also includes padding and strapping for those with bony prominence’s in the feet, and conditions such as hammer toe. A foot care nurse may also refer you to a podiatrist to ensure the highest level of care is provided for your well-being.

During your appointment, your feet will be thoroughly assessed, and treatment will be provided according to your needs. Patients also receive health teaching, as well as recommendations for at home product use.

When to Consider Coming to our Foot Care Clinic in Fergus?

When the pains in your feet are holding you back from enjoying life to its fullest, you have already waited too long.  Foot care clinics are specifically designed to help you get back moving.  If your feet are suffering, we are here to help.

<b>Jennifer Florence</b>
Jennifer FlorenceFoot Care Nurse

Effective relief for:

  • Bunions
  • Callouses
  • Corns
  • Diabetic Ulcers
  • Hammer Toe
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Fungal Toenails