Workplace productivity is directly proportional to the individual productivity of each of its workers.  So when personal productivity wanes due to a virus sweeping through the office, consecutive nights of poor sleep, or building stress from an upcoming deadline, so too does the productivity of the whole workplace.  Thus, keeping the workplace happy and healthy should be a priority for all businesses.  Our Corporate Wellness Program is designed to deal with the increased demand from employers, who want to create a more fulfilling positive work space, that operates at its highest proficiency.   When workers are able to perform at their top level, everybody benefits.

As a foundation for a healthier workplace, we work largely with behavioral modification and healthy lifestyle fundamentals.  When a person is eating and sleeping properly, they have better energy to get through the day, and can manage stress more efficiently.  Our program implements proven stress busting techniques to help people reduce and manage their personal stress better.  We also use boundary exercises, so that personal lives do not interfere with work lives, and vice-versa.  Work time should be work time, and personal time should be personal time.  When people constantly ‘take work home’ with them, it can be very damaging, and is a leading cause for job dissatisfaction.

Nothing stops productivity faster than illness.  All workplaces should have an illness prevention strategy in place.  Further, it is beneficial for all workers to have immune support to optimize their immune systems.  This will not only prevent most illnesses, but lessen the duration and severity if they do become infected.

Our program includes corporate wellness presentations, which serve to educate workers on health and wellness and improve group moral.  It also includes one-on-one support to help establish a healthy lifestyle for each individual.  This one-on-one support varies depending on individual needs, but serves to regulate daily bodily functions in order to perform to the highest ability in their job.  Call us today to find out how we can drastically improve the productivity of your workplace!