We are inundated with toxic substances every day of modern life through food and our environment.  Research has shown that high toxic loads and poor detoxification pathways in the body can greatly increase the risk of a number of chronic diseases including cancer, liver/kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and depression.  In addition, high toxic loads are associated with poor general makers of health, which make our daily lives less fulfilling, and difficult to manage.  This includes poor sleep, fatigue, mental fuzziness, irritability, and  poor sexual function.  In order to increase the potential for optimal health, maximizing detoxification pathways in the body is an important step in disease prevention.  This is the reason why many people now complete annual detoxification programs, in attempt to rid the body of harmful toxins.

Our detoxification program starts with a comprehensive objective analysis using hair, blood and urine along with physical exam and symptom analysis to help determine your detoxification status and toxic load.  Treatment plans vary depending on the severity of toxicity, but a foundation to detoxification is always a clean nutritional intake.  Other therapeutic treatments including those listed below, may be used to help you improve your detoxification process and get you one step closer to achieving optimal health.

Detoxification Program Fergus Ontario

Our Detoxification Program may include:

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  • Lifestyle counseling
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Dietary Supplementation
  • Injection therapies
  • Botanical medicine



It is becoming clear that keeping our toxic load as low as possible is key in a long healthy life.  Call now to book your appointment today to find out how our naturopathic doctors can help you move closer to obtaining optimal health with our Detoxification Program.