Are you thinking about starting a family?  Have you been trying to conceive but yet to be successful?  Have you suffered from multiple miscarriages?  Whether you are in the early phases of family planning or frustrated with your lack of conception or pregnancy success, Optimum Integrative Health Centre is here to help.

Infertility issues are on the rise in Canada.  An estimated 16% of couples in 2010 had difficulties conceiving or maintaining pregnancy.  This number has nearly doubled since 1992.  The major area of concern is that it is not just older couples having issues with conception; couples between the ages of 18-29 are now also finding it more difficult to conceive.  Many factors are contributing to this rise in infertility; obesity, lack of exercise, poor nutrition and high stress.  These factors affect all aspects of hormone regulation and can greatly reduce the ability to achieve and maintain pregnancy.

Our fertility support program is designed to help both partners improve their reproductive health.  We explore all aspects of reproductive health from lifestyle to diet to hormone balance using a variety of diagnostic procedures including salivary hormone assessment, fertility charting and conventional blood work to fully understand where deficiencies or issues exist.  A major component of fertility and conception is understanding when ovulation occurs and timing intercourse accordingly.  As part of our Fertility Support Program, our naturopathic doctors will help educate you on how to read and understand the body’s fertility signs to optimize your chances of success. This fundamental understanding of how your body works will also help pinpoint when and where fertility issues arise.  Combining this information with an individualized treatment protocol consisting of naturopathic interventions including acupuncture, diet and lifestyle assessment and modification, botanical medicine and supplementation in both partners improves overall health and chances for pregnancy success.