Athletes are always looking for new and innovative ways to increase their performance in sport. Strength and endurance training is widely understood as the gold standard in improving athletic ability.  Serious athletes love their sport, and usually have no problem with the physical training aspect of it.  However, many athletes completely overlook an equally important part of training: their nutritional intake.  Sports nutrition training is now considered of equal importance to physical training in optimal athletic preparation in sport.  How is an engine supposed to run properly without the best fuel?  If you are looking to take your game to the next level, our sports nutrition program may be for you.

Many misnomers exist when it comes to sports nutrition.  Everything becomes muddled when the sports nutrition giants have products to sell to a captive audience.  Each one has a different view on how much fat, protein, carbohydrate, and total calories a person should consume to optimize athletic ability.  Some nutritional guidelines provide an insane number calories, some are extremely high in protein, and others contain almost no fat.  But when we set all of this aside and look at the evidence, we see that sports nutrition is not all that complicated.  Optimal performance from nutrition occurs when nutritional intake is matched to the metabolic rate of the individual.  Our program works with each person to provide an energy intake that best matches to their energy expenditure, while consuming the healthiest calories, in the ratio of carbohydrate:fat:protein that is backed by nutritional research.

Our Sports Nutrition Program provides athletes with the following:

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  • A specifically tailored daily eating plan, at the correct number of calories to optimize metabolic ability
  • Meal planning and specific eating strategy to provide the healthiest possible intake
  • Eating patterns changes leading up to an event, including pre-, during, and post- event eating
  • An adequate hydration strategy during intense physical activity
  • Additional supplementation as necessary


We are experienced in working with athletes with many different sports goals and preexisting health conditions.  Programs are easily altered to allow weight loss, and can be safely implemented for seniors and people with diabetes and heart disease.

Additionally, our program provides physical medicine support to athletes.  This includes stretching, strengthening exercises, soft tissue work, and acupuncture.