Up to 25% of Canadians report having sufficient pain to interfere with normal activities.  This pain and reduced mobility can be caused from a variety of factors ranging from chronic disease to sedentary lifestyle to recent trauma.  As the number one complaint of most adults over the age of 25, pain is a significant limiting factor to health and happiness.

While pain and immobility can be treated using a variety of treatment measures, physical medicine is often found to be most helpful in both short- and long-term recovery plans.  Physical medicine is the use of manual therapies to treat pain or restricted mobility and restore function to the body.  These treatments include manipulation of the bone, muscle or spine, soft tissue manipulation, exercise therapies and temperature contrast treatments.  These treatments work on the bone, joint, muscle and/or nerve to help reduce pain, improve mobility and restore function to a problem area.  They are frequently used for pain relief, low back pain, migraines and physical rehabilitation either directly or in combination with other treatment modalities.

Our naturopathic doctors will complete a thorough examination of the problem area to determine a specific physical treatment plan for your concerns.  They will combine both in-office and at-home physical therapies to help restore function and improve pain, greatly increasing your recovery or enhancing your current physical health status.  Patients requiring in depth physical medicine support will be referred for chiropractic care.