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Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Fergus Ontario

Occupational Therapy targets purposeful activities to promote optimal daily performance.  For children, their purposeful activities include play, learning (school skills) and self-care skills.

At times, various issues can affect a child’s ability to function appropriately in these areas.

Occupational Therapy can treat children with a wide variety of diagnosis and concerns (ie: developmental delays, sensory processing issues, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, learning disabilities, prematurity – just to name a few).  Regardless of the diagnosis, OT is focused on the “functional performance” of the child, always targeting optimal performance in their daily routines.

Occupational Therapy can address the following areas:

  • Fine Motor & Printing Skills
  • Sensory Issues & Self-Regulation needs
  • “Picky” Eating/ Oral Motor/ Feeding Needs
  • Social Skills/ Play and Peer Interaction
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Donna Legge-NevettOccupational Therapist

What Does Occupational Therapy Provide for You?

Your OT can meet with you and your child to identify needs and set goals that address the child and family as a whole. Standardized tests and clinical observations can occur to help identify areas of need and support.
Treatment is customized, based on your child’s needs and goals identified. Families are directly involved in the goal setting and program set up for OT. Parent education and teaching of strategies and support for the home and community environment is key in this process. OT will aim to provide a “toolkit” for parents and families to take away with them at the end of the treatment process.
Collaboration with other community members (ie: Speech Language Pathology, Physiotherapy, Dietitian, Pediatrician) is important when addressing the child as a whole. When needed, your Occupational Therapist can assist with setting up further resources and referrals to other practitioners in the area, and many great collaborations can occur, to obtain the best support for your child.
OT can also be a key player in the education and support of school, daycare, and preschool providers, around strategies and supports for children with needs.

Customized Occupational Therapy Programs:

Kindergarten Readiness Program Fergus Ontario

Kindergarten Readiness Program

This program is for children who will be entering JK or returning to SK in the fall. Focus is on the following skill-building:

  • Printing/Cutting/Fine Motor Skills
  • Attention and Focus
  • Dealing with Transitions and Routines
  • Following Directions
  • Social Skills and Turn-Taking

Picky Eater Program Fergus Ontario

Picky Eater Program

This program is for children (all ages) who struggle to accept a variety of foods or have difficulty with managing various textures. It focuses on both the sensory and oral motor needs of each individual child, with the goal of an increased number of foods accepted by the end of the program.