Kristen Smith, S-LP(C) – Speech-Language Pathologist

Kristen Smith, Speech-Language Pathologist, uses child and family-centered approaches that encourage children and their families to be actively involved in the intervention process. Kristen believes in empowering her clients and their families through coaching and sharing of communication strategies to cultivate communication rich learning environments.

In 1990, Kristen graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Honours degree from the University of Western Ontario, then went on to complete a Masters of Clinical Science in Communicative Disorders at the University of Western Ontario in 1994.

Kristen has built upon her skills through continuing education activities and has acquired additional qualifications to allow her to provide a range of evidence-based services.

However, Kristen’s greatest mentors have been the children and families with whom she interacts daily.

Kristen’s approach to intervention draws upon a variety of evidence-based practices to support the communication development of each child.

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Kristen is:

  • PROMPT trained for treatment of motor speech disorders. Level 1: Introduction to Technique
  • Certified to instruct the Hanen programs: “It Takes Two to Talk”, “Target Word” and “Learning Language and Loving It”
  • Certified in Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • Trained to provide the “Lidcombe Program of Early Stuttering Intervention”

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