Optimizing Heart Health Presentation


Heart Health Overview In this presentation we discuss heart health from the perspective of preventing cardiovascular disease. This presentation introduces the basic functioning of the cardiovascular system. It then helps you understand how to calculate your own cardiovascular risk. Finally, various cardiovascular treatment interventions are introduced and discussed in terms of how they will [...]

Drug Nutrient Depletion Presentation


Drug Nutrient Depletion Overview Many of us are using prescription medications as part of our health care plan. What does not typically discussed is how the medications can interact with our metabolic pathways, and cause the depletion of key nutrients in our bodies. In this presentation we define drug nutrient depletion, and discuss some [...]

Natural Bone Health Presentation


Natural Bone Health Overview Bone health becomes an increasingly significant factor as we age. In this presentation you will learn the basic function and physiology of bone, and how it changes with aging. This basic knowledge helps in understanding the potential treatments available when bone becomes too fragile, such as in osteoporosis and osteopenia. The [...]

Fundamentals of Nutrition Overview Presentation


Nutrition Overview With all of the nutritional information circulating around, sometimes the basics of nutrition get lost in the details. Luckily, we have put together a nutrition overview for you. Here, we remind you of the fundamentals of nutrition, namely protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Next, we apply these fundamentals to actual food, discussing [...]

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