Managing Arthritis Naturally Presentation


Natural Approaches to Arthritis Over 70% of people over the age of 65 have one form of arthritis or another, leading people to try and find effective natural treatment for arthritis. This lecture discusses what inflammation is, and goes in to detail about the three most common types of arthritis: rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, [...]

Healthy Weight Loss Presentation


Healthy Weight Loss Presentation Weight loss is quickly becoming the most commonhealth goalthat people have. Unfortunately, we all too often seek simple and unrealistic weight loss strategies. This lecture discusses the downfalls of fad dieting, and gives suggestions that equate to health and permanent weight loss. Following our research backed strategy will ensure healthy [...]

Firefighter Health and Wellness Presentation


Firefighter Health and Wellness Presentation Firefighters are highly susceptible to cardiovascular disease due to workplace exposure. Since cardiovascular disease is preventable, and originates primarily from our diet and lifestyle, there are various changes that are necessary to mitigate the risks, and maximize health. This lecture, prepared for the Firefighters of Centre Wellington Ontario [...]

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